WordPress Unblocked in China

Not sure how long this is going to last, but for the first time since I’ve started this blog, I’m actually able to read it without having to use internet magic (my more tech savvy friends may know it as a proxy).

Chances are good that this is just a temporary thing, since the timing seems strange with all the protests going on in the Arab world, but hopefully this is a small sign of things to come.

If it’s not too much to ask, I’d really like to have facebook back too.

About T

I have been working in China for nearly five years now. I have traveled to more than 30 cities and towns, and have lived in 3 provinces. I am interested in issues concerning development in China and the rest of the world. I hope to provide a balanced look at some of the issues facing China as it continues its rise to power.
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10 Responses to WordPress Unblocked in China

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  2. aikidude says:

    it didn’t..
    ok until i left to Norway on 09/29.. blocked yesterday when back in China.. 😦

    • Tom says:

      It does seem to be blocked once again. A fact I realized when I tried to have Chinese co-workers visit another wordpress site that hosts a number of useful files.

  3. Angie says:

    I use http://www.highspeedvpn.com/ to get on WordPress blogs when in China. It`s pretty fast and not so expensive ..

  4. Bryan Lee says:

    Hi Tom 😀

    My name is Bryan. May I ask if you are still blocked by the wall now and have to access your blog by proxy? coz I’m heading down to shanghai for 3 months 😀 so I’m thinking if I should get a self-hosted platform.

  5. Scope says:

    As the saying goes…

    The condom can block the spread of love, but not the love of making love… LOL~

    (WordPress.com supports free speech and doesn’t shut people down for ‘uncomfortable thoughts and ideas’)

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