200 Posts!

If you’ve read every article so far on Seeingredinchina.com now, you have now read the equivalent of a 200+ page book, and hopefully have learned something new about China.

If you haven’t caught every exciting article (and the ones in between) make sure to check out the archive.

Here are a few of the posts that I think were my best work:

I am also excited to announce that the SeeingRedInChina.com was recently given a glowing review by ChinaLawBlog.com, and was mentioned in an article by James Fallows on TheAtlantic‘swebsite.

In the coming months I’m planning on adding more pictures and videos, as well as new guest posts and hopefully some interviews. I am also working on convincing a friend to write a series of weekend posts that will tell his story from the moment he arrives in the middle kingdom.

I always welcome direct emails at seeingredinchina@gmail.com, and will generally respond within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog, this project has been far more successful than I had imagined it could be.


About T

I have been working in China for nearly five years now. I have traveled to more than 30 cities and towns, and have lived in 3 provinces. I am interested in issues concerning development in China and the rest of the world. I hope to provide a balanced look at some of the issues facing China as it continues its rise to power.
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7 Responses to 200 Posts!

  1. yaxue c. says:

    Congratulations, Tom. I enjoy your blog very much, very stimulating, a good crowd of visitors, not to mention we get to hear about the scene of 20+ people watching you getting a shot–darn it, where was I?

  2. Marvin Eckfeldt says:

    What an amazing writing enterprise. I appreciate every post. You have made my tour of China in 2001 with my two sons an even more enlightening experience “after-the-fact” with your insights. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  3. Meryl Mackay aka 马美丽 says:

    Fantastic Blog! Well done Tom! And a great bunch of Commentators and Guest Posts. I have learned so much and never has learning been so enjoyable. Praise from James Fallows is praise indeed. I loved his book “Postcards from Tomorrow Square – Reports from China” and have recommended his wife, Deborah Fallow’s book “Dreaming in Chinese” to people wanting a gentle introduction to Chinese language and Middle Kingdom life. Nice people, good writers both of them – and so are you!

    • mrchopstik says:

      Read “Dreaming in Chinese” and thought it was pretty interesting. Didn’t realize the two of them were married. I’ll have to look for the husband’s book now…

      Tom, congrats on 200 posts! Prior to yours, I rarely read any blogs, let alone followed them regularly. Yours is the one that stands out and I am grateful. Thanks!

      • Tom says:

        Thanks for your support Mr. Chopstick, I think you were the first regular commenter on the blog, and it was a great morale boost.

  4. Jin Zhao says:

    Wow, that’s something! Keep up the good work!

  5. NiubiCowboy says:

    Congratulations, Tom! Your posts continue to be thoughtful and informative and, like Meryl, I’m always anxious to hear the thoughts many of the veteran commenters have to offer as well.

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