Heard on Weibo: 11/27-12/3

This week we offer an assortment of Weibo items for your thoughts: the mysterious but all-powerful Above, China’s new land reform, China’s AIDS exiles, journalists as propaganda workers, free turnips, and more. Click on date below item for link to the original.

  • 黎学文在北京/Li Xuewen in Beijing/(Writer, publication planner)/:【The  invisible Above】There is an absurd black hole in [China’s] current power operation: In each of the wrongful convictions, there are enforcers but no one is in charge. The enforcers say, this is the decision of the Above. But no one knows who is the Above and who you can take legal action against. As the source of evil, the Above is shrouded in a fog. There are evil doers but no one can be held accountable for the wrongdoings. As a result, the wrongful cases can’t be redressed, and power continues to ravish. Morality is collapsing all but inevitably.

Nov. 28  13:44  From Sina Weibo  Repost(94)  Comment(26)

It looks like China is embarking on yet another Land Reform:

  • 何光伟/He Weiguang/(Journalist with 《时代周报》or Time-Weekly)/: The land reform that introduces shareholding system is a big bomb. Throughout the history, rulers were always very cautious about land reform. Wang Shiyuan (王世元), deputy minister of the Ministry of Land and Resources said the other day that the Ministry is encouraging places with the right conditions to carry out rural land reform that introduces shareholding system, making it a norm to list land in the stock market. The land circulation policy proposed earlier by the government now has entered the stage of implementation. This is tantamount to turning on green lights for land grab by powerful groups. It will inevitably lead to the emergence of large-scale migrant population, laying down a gigantic bomb for social stability.

Nov. 29 11:00 From Trencent Weibo  Repost and comment(4)

  • 曾金燕/zengjinyan/(wife of Chinese activist Hu Jia) /: Today is World Aids Day. Dr. Wang Shuping, who first discovered blood transfusions were the source of HIV spread in China, was forced to leave China. Dr. Gao Yaojie, who fought hard for the treatment and prevention of AIDS and who is in her 80s now, also had to leave China. Then Wan Yanhai, the founder of “Ai Zhi Action Project” (“爱知行动项目”, later, [the Beijing-based NGO] Ai Zhi Xing Institute, 爱知行研究所), and his family were forced to exile too. Finally, Hu Jia, former acting director of Ai Zhi Xing Institute and the founder of Ai Yuan, was imprisoned and still hasn’t gained complete freedom. To this day, no one has been held accountable for the AIDS epidemic through blood transfusions.

30 Nov via web Retweeted by liuyangly11 and 41 others

Left: Dr. Gao Yaojie. Right: The family portrayed in the documentary "To live is better than to die." The mother had died of AIDS, the father and the two younger girls were all HIV-infected.

  • 刀口21/Walking on the blade 21/zou dao kou 21/(netizen)/: From Hu Zhanfan (胡占凡), the new director of CCTV: “Some journalists fail to define themselves as the Party’s propaganda workers. Instead, they think they are journalists. This is a fundamental mistake about identity.”  (Link to the speech)

Dec.2 21:25  From Sina Weibo Repost(251)|| Comment(83)

Days after the tragic “school bus” accident in Gansu that killed 20 children, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced donation of 23 school buses to Macedonia, and the Macedonian government said in a statement that each bus has 35 seats, meets all safety requirements and will be used for students primarily in rural areas. The news ignited wide anger and derision among Chinese netizens, to whom the Foreign Ministry replied that it was merely fulfilling China’s “international responsibilities.”

  • LaotaitaiXP/(Netizen)/: Watching Chinese ambassador handing over school buses to Macedonia, I was so full of envy. As someone from Gansu, I look forward to Gansu establishing diplomatic relationship with China as soon as possible.

26 Nov Favorite Retweet Reply

School buses donated to Macedonia

  • 农享网官方微博/Agricultural Information Sharing Network’s official Weibo/: …Farmer Han Gang [in Hua County, Henan province] grew 200,000 kilograms turnips but couldn’t sell them for any price. So he decided to give them away to the public. 30,000 people showed up to pull the turnips. They pulled away all the turnips, but also 10,000 kilo of sweet potatoes….

Nov.28 14:33 From Sina Weibo  Repost(5745)  Comment(1669)

Pulling turnips

  • I came across a tweet by Hua Chunhui (华春辉), a veteran Chinese rights activist in Wuxi (无锡), Jiangsu. He and his fiancée, also an activist living in Zhengzhou (郑州), Henan, tried to move together but have been prevented from doing so by the Chinese national security (国保). From the tweet, it sounds like they will finally reunite. Without altering a single word, I break his tweet into, well, a poem:

Wind roars outside the windows,
A damp, chilly evening.
I am making a dark stew of pig feet.
Using beer and no water at all.
Alone in the kitchen,
Which is the living room also,
I pour a glass of Niu Er.
Sipping slowly,
Reading Tweets,
Waiting for the stew to cook.
Years of singlehood are coming to
An end…

wxhch64无锡华春辉  1 Dec via stef.im  Favorite Retweet  Reply

(Note: Niu Er, 牛二, a Chinese liquor)

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12 Responses to Heard on Weibo: 11/27-12/3

  1. Lorin Yochim says:

    LaotaitaiXP had me laughing out loud.

    • Yaxue C. says:

      I am glad you had fun, Lorin, but I am sure you felt the weight of sadness too right beneath the surface. I like items like this one: In so few words, it says so much.

  2. Yaxue C. says:

    Since I translated the item by “Walking on the blade 21”, there have been more than 4,300 reposts and 1,000 plus comments. And there are other posts spreading the same speech by the new CCTV head. Even though, in China, people know journalists working for CCTV, People’s Daily, and the like are not really journalists, still, it jolts your sensibility somewhat to see such blatantness. To me, the blatantness indicates a contempt that has always been a defining feature of the party’s character.

    The speech isn’t new; but only a medium such as Weibo can take it to a truly wide and interactive audience. It is a force they have to reckon with.

  3. Manoj says:

    So little is known about the real china … thanks for sharing.

  4. william wallace says:

    People’s of China advised of western democracy / freedom..
    having learning western democracy in truth of no true value.

    Thus they are going through much thoughtful change / such
    being there no certain authority in control /in changing times.

    China its govts accepted the western challenge // in material
    as democratic reform / in the process they have shown great
    ability in the material realm / where being the worlds leading
    example of in material manufacturing creation as distribution
    they having won that challenge without their raising an sweat.

    In the realms of freedom / democracy upon a individual rights
    it became very to them clear western values of the individual’s
    rights freedom as freedom // being based on smoke & mirrors
    such being but a figmant of western illusion // equal unto such
    christian centuries of brainwashing that there a heaven where
    the spirit departing unto after ones death of their mortal frame.

    In meeting western nations // the result for chinese people as
    chinese govts. / Is not one prepare for peace / but that of war.

    It but the appalling conduct conduct of western nations // that
    in giving the chines people as chinese govts /no alternative…
    than that of conflict …It’s not the nature of the chinese people
    in bowing to their enemy such only do willingly to the Almighty.

    Thus China & other nations / now preparing for the final battle.

    • Lorin Yochim says:

      Fascinating. I can’t wait for the final battle with the Almighty. Or was that for the Almighty?

      • william wallace says:

        Lorin Yochim // The Answer To Your Question is Both.

        The first battle be one’s stupidity /against the Almighty.

        The Second battle one Takes the side of the Almighty
        where knowing Spiritual Self / one’s Final Battle’s won.

        On PC search put ( words of peace ) on site a selection
        of videos in which Prem Rawat talks explains meditation
        of one turning their senses inward / bringing a unfolding
        of the Spiritual Self / such unfolding of practical spiritual
        experience / answering in clarity in knowing the true self.

        Such the purpose of creation / gift of the human form is
        it’s ability via heart brain in bringing one’s enlighenment.

  5. william wallace says:

    Lorin / Your Welcome / It’s a Vocation Of The Heart.
    Don’t forget ( Words Of Peace ) God Bless China.x

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