Dear Subscribers

Dear SRIC subscribers,

Some of you might have been wondering about the two-month lapse at SRIC since June. Tom and I apologize for the “disappearance.” We are NOT one of the many China-related blogs that seem to have discontinued. Since Tom returned to the US last summer, I have all but taken over the blog. On June 4th, we opened a new site,, where Tom and I still work together except that I have taken up the role of running the site and overseeing content there.

Readers of SRIC over the last two-and-a-half years should have a pretty clear idea of how informative and insightful Tom has been throughout his 400+ posts. Over the year-and-a-half that I have joined him, I have randomly run into people who told me they were readers of SRIC and spoke of it highly. For me, the significance of the site cannot be overstated – it altered the trajectory of my life and led me to something I had not planned at all.

Tom said he had trouble writing a goodbye letter. I will not speculate why, but I will say, it’s not easy. We have had such a good crowd here; we have had good conversations; we have made friends.  I hope anyone who used to frequent SRIC will shoot me an email when you visit Washington, DC – I know a place with the best Cantonese Dim Sum in the area.

The new site focuses on what I have been writing at SRIC. It aims to bring into the English-speaking world the stories and voices of those who disagree with the country’s ideological mapping and seek to change its political system.

We were able, with one click, to move all the content at SRIC to the new site. As Tom’s 400+ great posts continue to draw readers in, we do the following at the new site:

We report some of the urgent events involving dissidents, activists, rights lawyers, and liberal intellectuals. Unfortunately, at this moment of time, most of what we report on is arrests or harassment or both. Torture is frequently used too by the authortities. In the most recent episode, on July 16, Dr. Xu Zhiyong – not a stranger to readers of this site – was criminally detained for the civil rights activities he had organized.

We continue to translate analysis and opinion pieces by dissident intellectuals as well as activists, as I had done at SRIC.

We conduct original, or translate, interviews with the people we report on to bring these individuals out of abstraction and closer to our readers.

Although the new site has a grand-sounding domain name, it remains a modest operation. Tom and I simply want to help facilitate, in our small way, China’s peaceful movement toward democracy.

If you are proficient in both English and Mandarin Chinese and you are interested in doing volunteer translation for the new site, please let me know.

Dear subscribers, we want you to make the move with us to the new site. Once there, please click on the black “Follow” button at the bottom right corner to continue to have our latest posts delivered to your mailbox, two or three of them a week. If you are on Twitter, you can also follow the Twitter handle of the site (@ChinaChange_org).

Before I establish a new email account, you can still reach me at

Thank you for being with us at SRIC. All the best to all of you and yours.



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3 Responses to Dear Subscribers

  1. Reggie Littlejohn says:

    All the best, Yaxue!


  2. Adhi says:

    Been wondering a while about the 2 months lack of update. So that’s the case. It would be great if Toms face shown here because he no longer needed to fear the persecution by Chinese official. It’s just nice to know the writer a bit closer. And good luck for your effort toward the new site.

  3. KalanStar says:

    I could write a controversial piece to get the views rolling again ;o)

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