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I have been working in China for nearly five years now. I have traveled to more than 30 cities and towns, and have lived in 3 provinces. I am interested in issues concerning development in China and the rest of the world. I hope to provide a balanced look at some of the issues facing China as it continues its rise to power.

China’s lack of concern for the safety of children

For the last month, there has been a raging debate over child abuse. It started when Yan Yanhong posted pictures of herself abusing her own kindergarten students; the pictures were taken by her co-worker, Tong Qingqing. She picked her students … Continue reading

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Economic development matters, human rights don’t – a guide to being promoted to the top of China’s Party

With China’s latest round of promotions, we have a chance to get an updated perspective on what is valued by the CPC, instead of relying on the claims from state media that the Party is looking to improve reforms and … Continue reading

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In China, criminal cases and elections hold much in common

In the run up to China’s leadership change the People’s Daily has been trumpeting China’s political reforms claiming that “great achievements were made in boosting democracy” and that “In a landmark move, ‘protection of human rights’ was incorporated into China’s constitution in 2004, demonstrating the country’s determination to better safe guard people’s rights.” In other articles, Chinese media has been careful to use the word “election” … Continue reading

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