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In China, HIV & HCV Transmission through Blood Continues

Dr. Wang Shuping writes on World Aids Day. I’m please to translate, and publish, her piece here. — Yaxue I am Wang Shuping, and, as a doctor and epidemics researcher, I was the one who first discovered Hepatitis C virus and HIV … Continue reading

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Dr. Wang Shuping: How I Discovered the HIV Epidemic and What Happened to Me Afterwards

It isn’t new. It’s the story of how tens of thousands ofimpoverishedvillagers and hospital patients were infected with HIV through contaminated blood in mid 1990s in Henan province, China. Entire villages and families were wiped out and many lives wrecked. … Continue reading

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Where good news is disappointing and bad news is hopeful

Just a quick thought today: As I tell people in the States, when it comes to China, seemingly good news is often bad, and seemingly bad news is often good. In many cases, like increased numbers of AIDS cases, higher … Continue reading

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