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“We can’t accept the fact that the trees will disappear” – the intangible costs of development

One of the first things that a person notices when they arrive in Nanjing, is that unlike other Chinese cities, many of the main streets are lined with mature trees. Some of these trees were planted over 60 years ago, … Continue reading

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The water is clean but the pipes are dirty – The puzzling state of China’s “potable” water

Last night a new arrival to the middle kingdom asked me whether or not the water was safe to drink. “It’s safe as long as I boil it, right?” she said with a worrying tone. The answer is yes, for … Continue reading

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Top Stories of the Week – 10/9 10/15

The story most deserving of your attention this week can by found on Foreign Policy, and was written by Charlie Custer of ChinaGeeks.org, highlighting the problem of kidnapping in China (hopefully you already noticed the link on the right hand … Continue reading

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