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Don’t read too much into the Olympics and other practical advice from Ai Weiwei

Today, we continue our ongoing series on Ai Weiwei’s book, Time and place. A World Without Honor By 2006 China had already tapped Zhang Yimou to direct the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. To Ai this was completely unacceptable, … Continue reading

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Sheng Shuren: A Jounalist in New China – Part 5 – The Untouchable

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 The Shengs were a prominent family in Ningpo. There were the old Shengs and the new Shengs; Mr. Sheng’s family was the old Shengs, landowners for generations. The family residence consisted of … Continue reading

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Chaos Theory

Last week I carefully broached the subject of Tian’anmen Square with one of my co-workers. Together we looked through a series of pictures from that day from The Atlantic (excellent), which sparked a very interesting, and yet minimally productive conversation. … Continue reading

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