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The Subject – An excerpt from Yaxue’s latest work

Today we have a sample from one of Yaxue’s excellent short stories that reflect on her childhood, and what it was like growing up in Northern China during Mao’s reign. It explores Revolutionary Education as well as the “Learn from … Continue reading

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Celebration with a Dash of Breaking and Entering

Casey’s story is continued here. Honoring the glorious 60th National Day with song and dance was winding down and the obligatory speeches were beginning.  My co-teacher and I had grown weary of sitting in front of what we thought was the entire … Continue reading

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Getting Educated – A glimpse of the worst school in China

Continued from here. It was the right room alright. I stood outside of a locked door, behind which my schedule told me I should have begun class ten minutes earlier. I had no choice but to wait there where my … Continue reading

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