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China’s tourism push – Does every city really need a new old town?

Yesterday we looked at a few of the pros and cons of rural life, today we’ll be looking at the development plan for this region. “China is a large country with a large population,” seemed to be the catch-all excuse … Continue reading

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China isn’t ready for democracy – Vote buying, low quality people, and other excuses

The idea that democracy doesn’t fit China’s national condition seems to be a weekly feature in the Global Times (like today’s article). The arguments provided in these pieces not only show a disgusting contempt for the common Chinese person (we’ll … Continue reading

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Everyone in America has guns – China is the safest country in the world

Yesterday we looked at how China can be rife with small crime, while still seeming safe to foreigners. Today we’ll be exploring a few of the ideas Chinese citizens hold about other countries, and why these views might be promoted … Continue reading

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