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What are Chinese people thankful for this year?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you weren’t hoping for a hard news story today. In a very unscientific poll, I asked my students (doctors) what they were thankful for this year. At some point during their “toast,” roughly 30% mentioned … Continue reading

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But It’s Not My Fault – Family and Face in China

We’ve talked before about the Chinese concept of family, and how it looks at times to foreigners. Today I’d like to talk a little bit about fighting in Chinese families, which has broad implications throughout China’s hierarchical structures (family, work, … Continue reading

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The Plight of the Mentally Disabled in China

Yesterday I noted that things seem to be improving for China’s physically disabled, unfortunately I’m not so optimistic about the situation for China’s mentally disabled. Generally speaking there are few opportunities for such people, both in terms of education and … Continue reading

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