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Who Is Chen Guangcheng— A celebration of life on his 40th birthday

You already know the labels: the blind “barefoot” lawyer, the illegal house arrest, etc. Over the past days and weeks, I have come across writings about Chen Guangcheng, by journalists who covered him and by legal professionals who worked and … Continue reading

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What living in China has made me appreciate about America

For my non-American readers please excuse this burst of patriotism, as it is Independence day Today I wanted to share a few of the aspects of American life I enjoy more after living in China for four years. Freedom to … Continue reading

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Ai Weiwei is Not Free – What we learned about China from his imprisonment

It’s very tempting at this moment to celebrate the release of Ai Weiwei, but the current situation is a painful reminder of just how far China has left to go before it actually respects Human Rights. The lead story today … Continue reading

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