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Malnutrition, over-nutrition, and a prosperous China

The other week I had a chance to discuss nutrition with the doctors at my hospital. As we looked at beverages and snacks, many of them were surprised to see that the healthy choices they thought they had been making, … Continue reading

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AIDS in the countryside – How China struggles to control the epidemic

The other day I was discussing infectious diseases with a group of doctors. The question was relatively simple, “How do diseases spread?” They quickly offered: through coughing, sharing chopsticks, touching, mother to infant, and even mosquitoes. I continued, “those are … Continue reading

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Storming the hospital – Violence as a first choice

I work in a large hospital, and sometimes there are “unfavorable outcomes”, which in hospital-speak translates as a death or life changing mistake. When we have an unfavorable outcome families typically gather in front of the administration offices and battle … Continue reading

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