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Guangdong education officials take credit for a public school in California

According to reports from Xinhua: Guangdong Experimental High School (广东实验中学) announced that not only had it completed 3 new campuses within China, but was proud to be opening the very first Chinese managed public school in Riverside, California. The move was … Continue reading

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Getting Educated – A glimpse of the worst school in China

Continued from here. It was the right room alright. I stood outside of a locked door, behind which my schedule told me I should have begun class ten minutes earlier. I had no choice but to wait there where my … Continue reading

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Teaching in the countryside: Why teachers can’t wait to leave

Last week we looked at my first hand experience in a rural college, and we explored the current state of rural schools and a few of the underlying problems. Today we’ll be looking at why there are few great teachers … Continue reading

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