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Today, June 4th

When former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Hu Yaobang (胡耀邦), sacked by Deng Xiaoping for his bolder calls for re-evaluating the past and reforming for the future, died on April 15, 1989, college students in Beijing began a wave … Continue reading

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Heard on Weibo, 3/4-3/10, what kind of country is this; Yu Luoke; morality file; organ harvesting

Seriously, I feel pressured to bring something fun to you, at least not appearing to be a hell-bent crusader. But then again, it’s hard to be cute when China is due to legalize disappearance and secret detention—something China has been … Continue reading

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Heard on Weibo 12/18-12/25 Wukan, Kim Jong Il’s death and 1989

Tanks didn’t roll into Wukan. Relief? Yes. Comfort? Hardly, given countless precedents that inject nothing but dread, and the fact that the government is still lying and mis-presenting nearly every aspect of the event, down to the location where the … Continue reading

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