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Honest words with regards to Liu Xiang

Today we bring you a translation of a long weibo post on the topic of Liu Xiang, China’s favorite track star, and his recent “failure” at the London Olympics. This event was enough of a fiasco that it drew the … Continue reading

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You should be reading Murong Xuecun

Since November last year, Murong Xuecun has becoming increasingly vocal about China’s political situation. If you haven’t read his works, now is a good time to catch up. His only book available in English, “Leave Me Alone: A Novel of … Continue reading

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Smoking as an expression of the Chinese idea of freedom

Any foreigner who has spent more than a few hours in China might have noticed that smokers are everywhere. Many notice it before they even leave the airport. In Shanghai’s Pudong airport, it’s not uncommon to see a man place … Continue reading

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