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Vanity versus Value in the Chinese Consumer Market

I work in beverage sales in China, and I love my job. I go around to bars and cafes around the city and discuss wines and ciders with managements. One client the other day unexpectedly asked, “Which of your [beverages] … Continue reading

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Who’s more materialistic, the US or China?

I often hear Chinese and expats alike click their tongues in disgust at the flashy cars and loud attitudes of wealthy folk. There is both a need for and resentment of wealth, like a drug the Chinese just can’t quit. … Continue reading

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Materialism in modern China

If you have spent much time in China’s major cities, you have no doubt seen a few hundred new luxury cars, up and coming urbanites clutching Louis Vuitton bags or sporting a new Rolex watch, and more than a few … Continue reading

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