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Poor Economics and China’s 128 million people living in poverty

While China has raised hundreds of millions of people out of desperate poverty in the last 60 years, there are still 128 million people living on less that $1 per day (World Bank defines poverty as less than $1.25/day). This … Continue reading

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Living with Dead Hearts – Interview with director Charlie Custer

Yesterday we introduced the problem of kidnapping in China, as well as Charlie Custer’s documentary on the subject, if you missed that it would be a good place to start Tom: Where does your passion for working against kidnapping in … Continue reading

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200 Posts!

If you’ve read every article so far on Seeingredinchina.com now, you have now read the equivalent of a 200+ page book, and hopefully have learned something new about China. If you haven’t caught every exciting article (and the ones in … Continue reading

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