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Thoughts on the South China Seas – we should be more worried about fishermen than politicians

For over two years ocean rocks have dominated China’s foreign policy issues. So far the Party has managed to anger virtually all their neighbors and has left an opening for America’s pivot to Asia. In my opinion, regardless of whether … Continue reading

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There is no prostitution in China – The world’s oldest profession in the Middle Kingdom

Yesterday we looked at the spread of AIDS in China and the impact of having a limited understanding of the disease. Today I want to look at one of the major factors in the spread of the disease: prostitution. Chinese … Continue reading

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Does China’s Military Might Make it a Superpower?

So far we have seen that China has the GDP to be a superpower, and would have the political strength to meet the criteria if it decided to take on a leadership role. Today we will be trying to evaluate … Continue reading

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