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Why Aren’t Shanghaiers Angry? An Online Discussion

When the number of dead pigs over Huangpu River reached 6,000 a few days ago, I tweeted, puzzled by the lack of public outcry in Shanghai, “Shanghaiers, how many dead pigs do there have to be before you go to … Continue reading

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Storming the hospital – Violence as a first choice

I work in a large hospital, and sometimes there are “unfavorable outcomes”, which in hospital-speak translates as a death or life changing mistake. When we have an unfavorable outcome families typically gather in front of the administration offices and battle … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Spring is in the Air, So is the Smell of Urine

This short post comes from a friend living in Inner Mongolia, and is brand new to life in China. I asked her what had surprised her and this was her response. Her and her husband keep a personal blog about … Continue reading

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