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The Road to Rejuvenation – the full text of China’s Party approved history

The following is copied word for word from the exhibit “The Road to Rejuvenation” at The Chinese National Museum in Beijing (and as far as I know has not been published online prior to this). The exhibit focuses on China’s … Continue reading

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Putonghua – The struggle to unite China under a single language

As we saw yesterday, China is a diverse country with hundreds of distinct dialects/languages that are closely connected with local culture. However, for the past 100 years, the government has been encouraging the adoption of a single national dialect based … Continue reading

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China’s golden age depends on openness – Hu is wrong to wall off foreign influences

A few weeks ago a Chinese friend told me what worries him the most: a form of Nationalism that asserts China’s natural position is “glorious” and that the country only falls from this status when “outside forces” limit its growth. … Continue reading

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