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Who Is Chen Guangcheng— A celebration of life on his 40th birthday

You already know the labels: the blind “barefoot” lawyer, the illegal house arrest, etc. Over the past days and weeks, I have come across writings about Chen Guangcheng, by journalists who covered him and by legal professionals who worked and … Continue reading

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Infrastructure follow up – Nanjing’s brand new station needs repairs

I was just told by a Chinese friend that the Nanjing South Railway Station, which was opened just over 10 days ago is already in need of massive restoration. Apparently the opening was rushed for the 90th anniversary, and tiles … Continue reading

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Biggest, Fastest, Longest – China’s Infrastructure and Love of Superlatives

Some of you may have missed that China completed two major projects just in time for the Party’s 90th birthday. These now stand like trophies along with the Three Gorges Dam and dozens of other massive works. These projects often … Continue reading

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