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Why Aren’t Shanghaiers Angry? An Online Discussion

When the number of dead pigs over Huangpu River reached 6,000 a few days ago, I tweeted, puzzled by the lack of public outcry in Shanghai, “Shanghaiers, how many dead pigs do there have to be before you go to … Continue reading

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A Chinese Dissident Makes Demands of Xi Jinping

Li Huaping (李化平), also known online as “Norwegian Wood” (挪威森林), is a dissident and activist based in Shanghai. Churchill and Yaxue translate. Dear Mr. Xi Jinping, You have become the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party during the CCP’s 18th … Continue reading

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The China travel experience

A few days ago the New York Times posted a story entitled “Where Europe Trails Asia,” in which a weary traveler longs for the friendly customs line in China over the one in Germany (which, as we all know, has … Continue reading

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