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The Shanghai metro crash should have been avoided – reactions from Chinese friends

My office’s usually chipper intern (the same one whose budget we looked at last week) surprised me on the way to lunch today when she told me she was in a bad mood. “Our society has too many problems everywhere,” … Continue reading

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How high can they build the wall? – The limits of the Great Fire Wall of China

If you aren’t familiar with the Great Firewall of China I would suggest reading this and this first. Several months ago Hillary Clinton described the efforts of the Chinese Communist Party to maintain their firm grasp on power as a “fool’s errand.” … Continue reading

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Chinese legal practices, and the concept of “justice”

After looking at the effects of Weibo on the Chinese justice system yesterday, I thought it was important to take a closer look. The Chinese Courts Until 1949 there was very little litigation in China. If someone wronged you, you … Continue reading

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