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China’s golden age depends on openness – Hu is wrong to wall off foreign influences

A few weeks ago a Chinese friend told me what worries him the most: a form of Nationalism that asserts China’s natural position is “glorious” and that the country only falls from this status when “outside forces” limit its growth. … Continue reading

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China’s film failures

While China may be releasing a huge quantity of films, and producing a number of new TV shows, to most foreigners living here, there is still a dearth of entertainment (sorry CCTV). Despite efforts to promote “soft power”, China still … Continue reading

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How Long Until We Are All Singing Beijing Opera? – China’s Soft Power

This week we’ve taken a brief look at China’s ability to project economic, political, and military power, and whether or not China is approaching super power status. Today we look at China’s cultural power. Culture a.k.a. Soft Power Chinese language … Continue reading

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