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Winter is coming…and it’s bringing global warming

Last year I detailed just how miserable winters can be in China (here). Windows are left open or don’t even close to begin with, buildings lack any kind of insulation, and space heaters are required just to keep your tea … Continue reading

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Infrastructure follow up – Nanjing’s brand new station needs repairs

I was just told by a Chinese friend that the Nanjing South Railway Station, which was opened just over 10 days ago is already in need of massive restoration. Apparently the opening was rushed for the 90th anniversary, and tiles … Continue reading

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China hits a Green Tech Home Run – News Story of the Week

Over the past few months I’ve showed that several of China’s environmental achievements have been little more than smoke and mirrors. So I’m very pleased to announce that Beijing is finally getting it right by creating the right incentives along … Continue reading

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