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What I learned slogging through China’s official version of history

Over the past three days we’ve had a chance to look at the full version of the story the Party tells about China’s past 170 years. I divided it into three sections that weren’t broken up in the National Museum, … Continue reading

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Lessons from Ge Xun’s forced disappearance

Over the past few days I’ve received emails from long-time readers of the blog telling me to “stay safe” after publishing Ge Xun’s account of his detention. In the past I would have said that for the most part, China … Continue reading

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Ge Xun: 21 hours in Beijing – Part 2

This is the continuation of Ge Xun’s account of his ordeal in Beijing that happened just one week ago. This is Yaxue’s authorized translation. – Part One They asked what prompted me to “come back (to activism)” in 2009. I … Continue reading

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