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Heard on Weibo 12/10-12/17 The battle of Wukan, Christian Bale, and the disappearance of Gao Zhisheng

This week, all eyes are on Wukan as the world awaits to see how the unprecedented struggle of one Chinese village develops. If Christian Bale didn’t get to see his personal hero on Thursday, he more than succeeded in throwing … Continue reading

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Christian Bale visited Linyi – Does foreign pressure mean anything to the Chinese gov’t?

As a China blogger, it’s a pretty big week, open rebellion in Wukan has attracted a flock of journalist, and then Hollywood star Christian Bale/Batman attempted to visit blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng. The big question floating around at the moment is … Continue reading

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The battle of Wukan – One village’s attempt to throw out corrupt officials and end land grabs

This is a developing story, and while I usually don’t comment on “sensitive” events as they happen, the stakes seem to be much higher this time. In a small village in Guangdong, the villagers have staged a revolt. All government … Continue reading

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