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New Citizens’ Movement, by Xu Zhiyong

On May 29th Xu Zhiyong published an article titled “New Citizens Movement” (sometimes translated New Civil Movement), it is presented here in English for the first time with the permission of Xu Zhiyong (translated by an anonymous friend of the … Continue reading

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Sheng Shuren: A Journalist in New China – Part 4 – The Great Leap Forward and Propaganda

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 I almost forgot; I had been to Shanghai before. It was the Chinese New Year of 1990, I decided spontaneously to go to a friend’s home to spend the holidays. On New Year’s Eve, … Continue reading

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Chaos Theory

Last week I carefully broached the subject of Tian’anmen Square with one of my co-workers. Together we looked through a series of pictures from that day from The Atlantic (excellent), which sparked a very interesting, and yet minimally productive conversation. … Continue reading

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