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While we’re on the issue of sovereignty, let’s talk about Tibet

The other day, I highlighted China’s argument for why it should be considered the rightful owner of the Diaoyu Islands – in short: Military aggression should not be rewarded with new territorial claims Treaties signed under duress should not be … Continue reading

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Cultural Jealousy

Li Songjun [name altered] fondles his earring as he speaks, stopping to think every few words. We have been drinking coffee and tea for nearly three hours now, originally meeting for business with our respective jobs, but have now wandered far into … Continue reading

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Chinese Regionalism – The treasure trove of Chinese culture

When many westerners arrive in Beijing or Shanghai, their suspicion that all Chinese really are the same is quickly confirmed. The fact that 92% of China’s population identify themselves as Han, almost seems like an underestimate at first glance in … Continue reading

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